Listed below you will opportunities for our young people grades 7-12.  Our youth have always been important to CMBC's history and to our future. As they begin to take their faith and make it their own instead their parent's, guidance is needed along that journey.  We have an awesome group of volunteers who make that happen.  Check out some of the activities our youth do and then come join them.

  • Sunday School/Bible Study

    When they get it, it changes everything.  Moral stories become a master plan.  Comparison culture becomes a culture of grace.  Good deeds become a holy mission.   The Gospel Project helps students center their lives on the gospel, replacing the desire to be "good" with the empowering transformation that comes only from Jesus Christ.  These group Bible Studies are designed to get as much gospel into your students' lives as possible, helping them connect to a gospel-filled support system and equipping them for gospel conversations in their community.  This study meets every Sunday at 9:15 am.

  • Discipleship

    A time to get one on one with those teens who want to go a little bit deeper in their learning.  Currently this group is study about prophecy in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.  They meet every Sunday night at 6:00 pm.

  • Wild Wednesdays

    Wednesday nights are for having fun while still learning about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Each night we start off with a crazy game that gets our minds to thinking of how Scripture really does apply to life.  Our lessons tie those two together.  We also take time to do some local mission work and every other month we have Snappy's Place which is just an all out fun fest especially when the gaga ballpit comes out.  We start at 7:00 pm most Wednesdays unless our mission work need us earlier.  Snappy's Place is always at 6:00 pm.  

  • Summer Time

    When school lets out, then youth ministry cranks up.  From summer camp, Vacation Bible School, Wet'n Wild water park, Carowinds and weekly activities it seems like we are going 24/7.